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Coastal Creamery

Cuisine Type

Ice Cream, Sweets & Snacks



136 Commercial St

Phone Number

(207) 536 -1170

Delivery Hours

12:00PM - 8:10PM
12:00PM - 8:10PM
12:00PM - 8:10PM
12:00PM - 8:10PM
12:00PM - 8:10PM
12:00PM - 8:10PM
12:00PM - 8:10PM
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Coastal Creamery Flavors

Half Pints


Apple Pie


Our homemade Apple Pie ice cream featuring an apple cider and apple base with real baked apples, cinnamon stressed, and house made Pie crust

The Old Port


Our local collaborative flavor with our friends at Liquid Riot! Featuring Liquid Riots Old Port Bourbon--infused with barrel aged maple syrup with house made coffee cake

Vanilla - Pint


Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate - Pint


Chocolate Ice Cream

Maine Blueberry - Pint


Blueberry based ice cream with blueberries

Coconut Almond Chip - Pint


Coconut based ice cream with almond pieces and chocolate flakes

Coffee - Pint


Coffee ice cream

Coffee Oreo - Pint


Coffee based ice cream with oreo cookie pieces

Cookie Dough - Pint


Vanilla based ice cream with chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips

Double Fudge Brownie - Pint


Chocolate based ice cream with brownie chunks and fudge swirl

Oreo - Pint


Vanilla based ice cream with oreo cookie pieces

Maine Tracks - Pint


Vanilla based ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge swirl

Mint Chip - Pint


Mint based ice cream with mint chips

Peanut Butter Fudge - Pint


Peanut butter based ice cream with fudge swirl

Butter Pecan - Pint


Rich, buttery ice cream with lightly salted roasted pecans

Raspberry Sorbet - Pint


Non dairy raspberry sorbet

Sea Salt Caramel - Pint


Salted caramel based ice cream with chocolate covered caramel cups

Black Raspberry Chip - Pint


Black raspberry based ice cream with chocolate covered raspberry cups

Strawberry - Pint


Strawberry ice cream

Turtle - Pint


Vanilla based ice cream with cashew pieces, caramel swirl and chocolate flakes

Whoopie Pie - Pint


Vanilla ice cream with chunks of whoopie pie


Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Cookies & More

Please allow extra time for the freshly baked cookies

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Lunch Hours

7 Days a Week11:00am - 4:00pm
$15 Minimum

Dinner Hours

Sun thru Thur4:00 pm - 8:50 pm
$15 Minimum
Fri - Sat4:00 pm- 9:50 pm
$15 Minimum


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